[Definition]: safe, no threat

[Example Sentences]:
1. TEPCO plans to secure storage facilities capable of holding 800,000 tons more water by 2015.
2. Labour looks set to secure 32 seats, while the Greens will have 13.
3. All of those things are what you should not do if you want a secure device.
4. It wants its customers on more secure platforms that can work with the latest programs.
5. Apple could also push other systems to become more secure and offer better privacy.
6. All of the other issues we want to deal with depend on our being secure and strong.
7. My email is using a secure work application which is device agnostic.
8. It does make people feel more secure to have the gold here.
9. This month, we show you four easy ways to secure your Mac and keep your data safe.
10. We need all the help we can get to secure our national infrastructure across the board.
11. So the question becomes how to keep the network secure from end to end.
12. IT will look at ways to secure the IT environment.
13. For workers, having a secure mobile office is now a business necessity.
14. Just make sure you are on a secure network connection when you do.
15. It is also a secure location where companies can test cars in private.

[Antonyms]disturbed, endangered, imperiled

[Synonyms]undisturbed, assured, heedless © 2020  Terms of Use | Home