[Definition]: displaying panel for computer, TV, smartphone etc

[Example Sentences]:
1. For example, Apple will fix a broken iPhone screen for about $110-$130.
2. In my tests, the camera import screen launched and imported video twice as fast as ’11.
3. However, this finding could change following the impact of a larger screen iPhone 6.
4. Just flip it around and multiply the screen size by 1.85.
5. The screen is powered by Intel HD Graphics 5500.
6. Now you can get one with 16 times the capacity and a color screen that plays videos for $149.
7. It supports devices with up to a 6-inch screen size, and best of all, it costs only $10.
8. If iPhone 5 owners have the $99 AppleCare warranty, a screen replacement is $49.
9. The problem is that the screen just makes these devices too big and heavy.
10. This will take you to a new screen with a video camera icon.
11. A screen grab is also known as a screen shot or a screen cap.
12. To do this just tap and hold on the screen to focus on your subject.
13. A video component of each play is available in a small screen within the program.
14. Some windows that open over the home screen also have this attribute.
15. The other way to do this is to swipe your screen down. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home