[Example Sentences]:
1. Welcome to the cybersecurity gold rush of 2013.
2. Why are we in such a rush to turn movies into television?
3. We want to open right and not rush it, he added.
4. Police say several people were injured when they were pushed down in the rush to leave the area.
5. He said he did not understand the rush to address such changes in a potential special session.
6. How could it be that a fan would rush onto the court unimpeded?
7. Police said they cannot rush the complex investigation for that reason.
8. This will make rush hours longer, but with fewer times of peak traffic.
9. Why will people rush to get Android Wear watches to pair with their iPhones?
10. Most of the victims appeared to be civilians on their way to work during the morning rush hour.
11. The president urged people not to rush judgment about their motivations.
12. Any mistake could cause a case company to miss the initial rush of buyers.
13. We are probably nearing the end of this big rush out of emerging markets.
14. State TV called on residents to rush to hospitals to donate blood.
15. Before long, there will be a mass rush to the exits.


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