[Example Sentences]:
1. There is no reason people in rural areas need to spend more.
2. Some people in this rural area have had angry reactions.
3. If you take the case of rural women vs.
4. More products made in Pyongyang are found in rural areas these days, and vice versa.
5. On the other side are those who see only news that fits with their suburban or rural viewpoints.
6. Some top universities suggest they will give rural students a break in test scores for admissions.
7. The migration of people to cities from rural areas is occurring faster than ever before.
8. As a result, rural telephone companies no longer may charge a rural rate.
9. Like with most rural broadband projects, much of it is paid from European funds.
10. He would like to see offices in rural or mountain towns eventually be equipped to handle requests.
11. Now, the developers have halted construction on what have become rural slums.
12. In some conservative rural areas with active drilling, the support is even higher.
13. The Connect America program was created to help spur and drive broadband investment in rural areas.
14. The police agents drove the car to a rural area, and at one point turned down a quiet road.
15. Cruz will pick up some rural voters concerned about federal lands and government overreach.


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