[Example Sentences]:
1. In phase three, China will send another robotic probe to gather lunar samples, possibly by 2020.
2. Using the robotic printer will also be similar to what you do now.
3. They also will help scientists integrate multiple capabilities into one robotic system.
4. Code also will be released for life support systems, and robotic and autonomous systems.
5. A backup computer would need to be operating for redundancy of those robotic systems.
6. Humans landed a robotic probe on the face of a comet for the first time ever this year.
7. Some were coupled to robotic arms to create a more complex product.
8. The Progress is one of four different robotic vessels that ferry cargo to the space station.
9. Sales of the unmanned robotic flying machines are soaring.
10. Perfect robotic creations for an operating system that has a little robot as a mascot.
11. This means not only can the wearers build cool Lego things they can build cool robotic Lego things.
12. In hospitals around the world, surgeons are getting help from new robotic assistants.
13. That should make future robotic missions easier.
14. And, of course, there are regional issues to consider when creating a robotic voice. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home