[Example Sentences]:
1. There is an on old saying in the tech industry that we are data rich and information poor.
2. There is a lot of rich technology and business expertise for us to tap into.
3. Most of the tech industry makes tools or toys for the rich world.
4. People made fun of phones in cars as another way for the rich to show off.
5. India has proven to be a rich ground for product development for many companies.
6. He noted that America is a rich and strong country and can recover from physical attacks.
7. Men and women of the military are an all too rich source of research material.
8. However, rich media has turned out to be a particularly strong feature for mobile collaboration.
9. That price may be too rich if the SEC and shareholder legal actions against Yahoo end up successful.
10. Where the real magic happens on the iPad is when you take advantage of the rich app ecosystem.
11. To create the tables and insert the pictures make your document more rich and colorful.
12. The rich are different from everyone else, even those accused of crimes.
13. These are all really rich people, he told me.
14. Despite those concessions, critics say too many people got rich off the bankruptcy.
15. There are as many rich liberal people as rich conservative people, he said.


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