[Example Sentences]:
1. Those nuclear talks are scheduled to resume June 16.
2. The question is what kind of resume does he build in office.
3. The hearing was expected to resume Tuesday and could last several days.
4. He says he wants to resume saving when the business is stronger.
5. The search is expected to resume Wednesday when the weather improves.
6. We are also pleased that our ports can now resume full operations.
7. It is time for them to resume dialogue and lower the tensions.
8. Customers pay another down payment on a new device and resume monthly device payments.
9. Many thought the Fed would want to wait until June to resume raising rates.
10. It will stay there when the talks resume in Europe later this year.
11. Tuesday that intense negotiations would resume and go through the night.
12. The trial is slated to resume Tuesday with more Samsung defense witnesses.
13. Growth will resume in the second half of the year, according to the survey.
14. The search was suspended for the night and will resume on Monday, Roberts said.
15. Also new is the ability to pause and resume live video and new volume button settings.

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