[Example Sentences]:
1. This requirement is supposed to go away with the release of iOS 9.
2. Basel III sets a 7 percent minimum requirement from 2019.
3. The agency said the fiber network requirement will help Internet video competitors reach customers.
4. He put the requirement on hold while the state appealed.
5. Neither is there any legal requirement that he release the returns.
6. It is similar to Twitter, though there is no requirement to register with a username.
7. It would also have ended the requirement that large employers offer coverage to their workers.
8. The core of the Paris deal is a requirement that every nation take part.
9. The former requirement is mainstream enough, but the latter is where things can get expensive.
10. This last requirement is the subject of its own article.
11. The requirement to have a client means one might not always be able to use Skype, he said.
12. Two weeks ago, the company said it would expand the requirement to other parts of the world.
13. The requirement has meant significant additional work for the county, she said.
14. The key requirement is that the publisher has to employ journalists and other media professionals.
15. The requirement does not apply when the father is deceased.

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