[Definition]: to delete, to take away

[Example Sentences]:
1. The parliament voted to remove him from office and set a new presidential election for May 25.
2. We have more work to do to get Facebook to remove these pages.
3. As a result the court ordered Google to remove the video from our services.
4. It takes a significant amount of force to remove your iPad from the hinges.
5. Target is not the first store to remove the game from its shelves.
6. After two weeks the company was able to remove that phone from the list of approved devices.
7. The United States took action to protect our interests and to remove their capability to act.
8. Apple confirmed it was asked to remove its LinkedIn app in Russia about a month ago.
9. Each time he would tell them both that he needed to remove more lesions.
10. It will offer you a paid program to remove the virus.
11. It seems they were sent to remove their colleagues and calm the mood.
12. The governor has the power to remove him, and he should make a clear decision.
13. She had to have emergency surgery to remove part of the tumor.
14. The social networking site has been told to remove allegedly offensive content or face consequences.
15. The best course of action is often to remove the content, he suggested.

[Antonyms]affix, bring, embroil, fix, impose, impregnate, inflict, instil, involve, locate, lodge, meddle, put, restore, set

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