[Example Sentences]:
1. She keeps a list of regional and federal officials who have promised to find a solution.
2. Many are expected to start looking at regional and local options for hosting needs.
3. It is only available to those in the regional processing centers.
4. The regional police said they cannot say how the six civilians were injured at the moment.
5. The regional police told The Associated Press that they had not distributed the photograph.
6. Kerry says he expects regional allies to help on a number of fronts.
7. He also called for early regional elections in the east.
8. Users simply need to be informed and education that they can go online in their regional languages.
9. Last week, Musk said that a regional head of sales for Asia had also been hired.
10. Investors may find it more expensive to trade regional assets after the vote.
11. There is a regional push to have more development around transit facilities, he said.
12. We are no longer a little regional school.
13. Black Hat also holds several regional conferences around the world during the year.
14. This was not the case on a smaller scale when it came to seasonal and regional levels.
15. Your data is in their computers, usually stored in a regional data center close to where you live. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home