[Definition]: not very long ago

[Example Sentences]:
1. In the most recent year, sales grew by 0.4%.
2. The most recent effort in tablets had been made by Gates and Microsoft in 2002.
3. The most recent part to fail is known as reaction wheel 4.
4. Some estimates have put the total death toll in the recent violence at more than 250.
5. The most recent precedent for the current conflict was in Georgia in 2008.
6. His most recent debate before that was in 2004.
7. Six inmates have been executed during that time frame, the most recent in 2010.
8. The number of deaths from the recent Ebola outbreak in west Africa has soared above 1,000.
9. Its most recent test came in 2013.
10. This content is based on the most recent public release of Windows 10, version 1703.
11. The pound, which has suffered most from the uncertainty in recent days, rose 0.9 percent to $1.3347.
12. He had been with the German auto maker for 25 years, assuming his most recent post in 2014.
13. The most recent spate of violence has been the worst in years, killing some 50 people since July 8.


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