[Example Sentences]:
1. Rumors of a possible recall sent Tesla shares down 5 percent Tuesday to close at $137.80.
2. The recall affects about 2,700 vehicles built before March 26.
3. You recall in Washington they said Assad has two to four months to last.
4. The investigation could lead to a recall, but a decision likely is months away.
5. Consumers might have to check several times as more vehicles are added to the recall list.
6. It also said it was working with Samsung and hoped to have an official recall as soon as possible.
7. You can expect the number of deaths associated with this recall to rise.
8. No major home appliance brand has been without a recall in that time.
9. It had carried out a recall that did not deliver the promised improvements.
10. If enough people sign, the city will hold a recall election.
11. The next thing I recall is somebody next to me, who told me to lie down.
12. He confirmed that the recall of the Irish parliament had been discussed.
13. The recall is a major blow to Samsung, which had just started to regain its competitive footing.
14. He used it once, but did not recall its login password.
15. Honda will repair vehicles outside the recall area if customers ask.

[Antonyms]accredit, anticipate, delegate, devolve, diplomacy, dismiss, foray, impute, launch, speak, utter

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