[Definition]: the cause, explanation of doing something

[Example Sentences]:
1. One reason servicing cars is so lucrative is because dealers mark up parts by as much as 80%.
2. The reason why is that the device you think costs $200 actually costs $700.
3. Now the reason why the iPhone 5S looks just like the iPhone 5.
4. We have no reason to believe that customer data and applications are at risk.
5. The other reason is that three hours is not enough time to test everything end-to-end.
6. No reason was given for why the men were not sent to their home countries.
7. A big reason for that is the camera built into the band.
8. So why is there any reason to believe that will change?
9. I just want to know the reason from the other side.
10. He said there was no reason to believe it was anything other than an accident.
11. Christie says there is no reason to believe there will be any more fatalities.
12. The reason why you do something can be as important as the act itself.
13. A key reason this has all become so practical is because of the cloud.
14. Authorities said there was no reason to believe the public was in any danger.
15. It was part of the reason why it was such an easy sign off.

[Antonyms]pretext, pretense, falsification

[Synonyms]cause, ground, aim © 2020  Terms of Use | Home