[Example Sentences]:
1. That generation is expected to reach the real world around 2020.
2. If this is something you have in mind, you could even start doing this before you reach Day 0.
3. The first batch of students to go through the full academy cycle will reach adult level in 2018.
4. He estimates the total number of cattle killed may reach 30,000.
5. Yet it did not reach the post office as it did when Hurricane Kate swept through the region in 1985.
6. The company wants that number to reach 40 percent by the end of 2016.
7. Will need to up its game to reach 4.4m by 2018.
8. Lego plans to reach 90 percent of the worldwide audience by the end of 2017.
9. The goal of the labor agreement is to reach a 4 percent profit margin by 2020.
10. By comparison, PC shipments are expected to reach only 292 million units in 2017.
11. In contrast, 3G could only reach a top speed of 7.2mbps.
12. Spotify and Hulu accounts run on average $2.75, while Netflix login details can reach up to $3.
13. The average estimate of 21 strategists in a Bloomberg survey calls for the index to reach 2,232.
14. To get to a $1 trillion market valuation, shares of Apple will have to reach $172.
15. It is an excellent optical performer and offers a bit more reach than the 35-100 at 150mm.

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