[Example Sentences]:
1. China says it needs to continue rapid economic development to ensure all its people benefit.
2. The data from July showed rapid growth for Alibaba in both sales and profit.
3. He has been trying to overhaul the company to adapt to rapid changes in the tech industry.
4. The rapid growth has been good for business but has also presented some challenges for the company.
5. We took our dog with us and the evacuation was very rapid and orderly.
6. This is particularly true with the rapid growth of online video.
7. The idea of rapid deployment models for workloads within OpenStack is not a new one.
8. The rapid growth and investment is attracting a lot of new competition.
9. How effective you can be in doing very rapid beam-forming.
10. This changed everything, as the mobile space was evolving at a rapid pace.
11. The pace of innovation in the financial sector is rapid, the report said.
12. Still, the new technique is so rapid that it could come in handy.
13. The rapid IS advance across Iraq has thrown the country into chaos.
14. Security and technology giants have bought up smaller firms at a rapid pace over the past few years.
15. That surprised researchers, because rapid charging was also thought to be damaging to batteries.


[Synonyms]swift, quick, fast
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