[Example Sentences]:
1. Failing to do so after a certain amount of time leads to the ransom doubling to $1,000.
2. They also said they did not believe a ransom had been paid.
3. Users are then asked to pay a ransom to restore access to their data.
4. She showed up just hours before the ransom was due.
5. City officials said that no ransom was paid and that no critical evidence was lost.
6. We also do not support any third party paying ransom, and did not do so in this case.
7. There is also no guarantee that paying the ransom will unlock the encrypted files.
8. Those who delay paying the ransom find it increases as time passes.
9. For instance, they could steal your personal information and make you pay a ransom to get it back.
10. The virus began spreading in Ukraine and demanded ransom money to unlock computer systems.
11. The location of where some of the ransom money is withdrawn can also help connect the dots.
12. Or it may be a ransomware attack that will make the thing unavailable until the ransom is paid.
13. The millions in ransom money came in dollar by dollar, euro by euro from around the world.
14. The hacker then threatens to destroy the data unless a ransom is paid immediately.
15. If confirmed, the ransom would be the largest ever demand in Brazilian criminal history.

[Antonyms]kidnap, imprison, indict

[Synonyms]redeem, liberate, rescue
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