[Example Sentences]:
1. He also said his group would try to persuade the rank and file to join them.
2. Any prospective deal could well rank among the most significant in the field in recent years.
3. I find it no surprise that reliability and high availability rank so high.
4. If I can look at the photo and their rank and gender, I can cross off different ranks.
5. That would rank as one of the largest company collapses in recent years.
6. Here is the complete list, including change in rank vs.
7. Google will recognise these links as your links connected to you and rank your page accordingly.
8. It can result in a penalty that sinks its rank deep within the Google index.
9. In addition, you can check out and rank the various runs from different ski resorts.
10. Each match nets experience points that boost the rank of your hero and unlock more cards.
11. If approved, he will receive the rank later this year at a formal Boy Scouts ceremony.
12. He rose to the rank of corporal.
13. He rose to the rank of major.
14. They might, for example, simply rank them by industry or even alphabetically.
15. Japan, the United States and Germany rank first, second and third overall.

[Synonyms]caste, degree, estate, fetid, luxuriant
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