[Example Sentences]:
1. To qualify for an HSA in 2016, a single policy must have a minimum deductible of $1,300.
2. The phones that are traded in have to be in good working order to qualify, he said.
3. Those prices would be substantially less for consumers who qualify for subsidies.
4. I expect an exciting game because both teams will want to qualify from the group as group winners.
5. To qualify, projects much have a large user base or global IT infrastructure.
6. They also now qualify for Medicare, so they have health insurance for a change.
7. Premium amounts do not take into account any subsidies consumers might qualify for.
8. My husband and I went to the bank to try to qualify to maybe buy at least a townhouse.
9. It even bought a radio station in South Dakota last June to qualify for the lower rate.
10. Apple could qualify for several different state tax credits.
11. Apple branded products with no value also qualify for free shipping labels.
12. A Home license does not qualify for an Enterprise upgrade.
13. The proposal failed to gather sufficient signatures to qualify for the November ballot next year.
14. My goal in this post is to point you to deals that customers legitimately qualify for.
15. Eight teams will ultimately qualify for the finals taking place next year.

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