[Example Sentences]:
1. Supporters of an Internet sales tax are expected to push hard for legislation again in 2015.
2. The monthly expense will push expenses past his monthly income by about 11%.
3. Some smartphones are starting to push below $20.
4. It is scheduled to begin operating by 2022, but the department wants to push that back to 2039.
5. That helped push the unemployment rate down to 6.3 percent, its lowest point since 2008.
6. Even with tax incentives, both cars easily push $100,000.
7. It is not clear how far the advocates will be able to push the ruling.
8. It is whether future leaders can continue to push ahead political and economic reforms.
9. The company since then has announced several partnerships designed to push this open vision.
10. Apple could also push other systems to become more secure and offer better privacy.
11. We will push the update to the remaining devices as soon as the issue is resolved.
12. There has to be a strong push from the industry to restore rates.
13. He reached out to give me a bit of a push to help me up the hill.
14. There are some who like to push the ball inside the court.
15. They tend to push decision making down from the CEO to the engineering product managers.


[Synonyms]approach, impulse, jostle
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