verb transitive

[Definition]: to buy

[Example Sentences]:
1. If you want to purchase all three, the cost is $5.99.
2. When is the last time you used plastic to make a purchase less than $5?
3. Before taxes and fees, you could sign up for a year of service and purchase an iPhone for $280.
4. The unlocked handsets will be available for purchase starting May 31.
5. For a large deployment, the cost is usually lower than the purchase of MS Office licenses.3.
6. You can purchase them now for $149.
7. At the end of the week, if the customer decides not to make a purchase, they only pay $20.
8. The purchase price was $2.9bn.
9. If approved by Google, Explorers can purchase the device for $1,500.
10. The purchase price amounted to $26 per share, exactly the price at which the stock closed April 28.
11. Bloomberg would make back the purchase price in six months to a year.
12. Wednesday was the first time customers could pick up and purchase the watch at Apple retail stores.
13. They can then use their account to purchase goods at participating websites.
14. The cards will be available to purchase online or at retail stores.
15. The final price of that purchase was unavailable at the time this was written.

[Antonyms]exchange, sell, barter

[Synonyms]buy, obtain, procure
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