[Example Sentences]:
1. In that province, 13 journalists have been killed since 2008.
2. I think the province would have been lost without them.
3. The province is divided between them and claimed in full by both.
4. That kept many jobs in the exclusive province of human labor until recently.
5. The entire province was without electricity after the quake cut power supplies.
6. As night fell, the entire province was in the dark after the quake cut power supplies.
7. All measures are being taken to ensure the province does not fall into Taliban hands, he said.
8. Six reception centers were operating within the province, officials said at a news conference.
9. The province has the most powerful concentration of rebels.
10. China views Taiwan as a breakaway province which will one day be reunited with the mainland.
11. China sees Taiwan as a breakaway province that will ultimately return. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home