[Definition]: to supply, to give

[Example Sentences]:
1. With the end of public support, Microsoft will no longer provide security patches for Office 2003.
2. Microsoft confirmed that they are on target to provide fixes for these issues in February 2015.
3. Other documents online provide more details on the violations dating to 2007.
4. Led by billionaire Elon Musk, SpaceX wants to provide travel to Mars for roughly $200,000.
5. Two speakers, which can provide sound for about 300 square feet, cost about $1,200.
6. It also wants developers to provide company details and past application development experience.
7. It is a lot of work to provide the best music service available.
8. They then record the information you provide and can use it to access your account.
9. We will provide an update as soon as we have additional information.
10. So how can this company provide all those calls for free?
11. The new rules would provide an easier way for those businesses to operate legally.
12. The company does not provide details on its services unit in its public filings.
13. She said that she is working with companies to provide connected digital systems and applications.

[Antonyms]neglect, withhold, refuse

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