[Definition]: to defend, to guard

[Example Sentences]:
1. There are a few things you can do to protect your privacy.
2. We want to protect those children as much as we can.
3. This is my right to protect my home and my land.
4. The federal government is promising it will do its best to protect the internet.
5. You do things because you love your children and you want to protect them.
6. That way they know exactly what action must be taken to protect their assets.
7. The fact is most Americans think their government can protect our security and our liberty.
8. The researchers said they wanted to protect the privacy of everyone involved in the study.
9. Many online services already have a great way for users to protect themselves against hackers.
10. Here are some things you can do to better protect your personal information.
11. So what can you do to protect yourself and your personal information?
12. The business group has urged companies to do more to protect themselves.
13. Every step that can be taken to protect them should be taken.
14. All of us are here to protect all of you, because you are family.
15. We just want to protect our community and our homes.


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