[Definition]: a suggestion or plan for a purpose; an offer for marriage

[Example Sentences]:
1. The FCC will vote on the privacy proposal at its meeting on March 31.
2. The current proposal would expand the program until 2030.
3. The New Horizons team will submit a formal proposal to NASA for that mission in early 2016.
4. Ikea expects the City Council to take up its proposal in early 2018.
5. One proposal being considered is to raise the age limit to buy alcohol from 18 to 21.
6. The rate increase proposal applies to the years 2017,2018 and 2019.
7. One proposal is to divide the costs 50-50 and cap possible monthly rent increases at $38.
8. What is his proposal of what he wants to be in the AUMF?
9. Committee members say the proposal needs to come back to them for a potential vote.
10. The goal of our proposal is that people should pay for what they get.
11. The state has seen protests for and against the proposal in recent years.
12. We want them to come back with a serious proposal on that.
13. The surprising thing is that most people accept my proposal in their very first reply.
14. The FCC proposal would allow the use of mobile services that are now banned in flight.
15. He said he would make public a final proposal before a final vote.

[Antonyms]acceptance, denial, refusal

[Synonyms]bid, offer, overture © 2020  Terms of Use | Home