[Example Sentences]:
1. This allows a lot more productivity for developers on our side.
2. This data then was used to further their productivity and increased revenue.
3. We need to put employee productivity at the center of our activities.
4. Companies have a drive for productivity and efficiency that will not go away.
5. Your tablet then becomes your one productivity device with all your data.
6. When you buy a Mac, you are not just buying a productivity tool.
7. Now it could become the newest and yet most familiar enterprise productivity tool around.
8. If it is released eventually, it could prove to be big productivity driver.
9. This is expected to improve productivity and collaboration across the county government.
10. Every minute the network or the site is down is a blow to productivity, he said.
11. That is a big deal, since productivity growth helps keep everyone happy in the workplace.
12. There will be jobs cost but society generally benefits when productivity is increased.
13. We see this becoming the next productivity tool or app.
14. At first glance, some Android office productivity applications also appeared to be vulnerable. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home