[Definition]: trouble, questions to be solved

[Example Sentences]:
1. Heartbleed is a major security problem first reported on April 1.
2. The other big problem with Apple Watch is its price, which starts at $350.
3. To address the problem, Microsoft is making some radical changes in Windows 10.
4. The only problem was that New Horizons launched several years earlier, in 2006.
5. The agency ordered the mill to correct the problem by April 2011.
6. The problem lies with Windows 8.
7. This problem inspired the creation of CSI in 2007.
8. The problem is that the screen just makes these devices too big and heavy.
9. One problem is that the government would likely have to pay higher interest on new debt.
10. The problem is how do I get my idea to a business application through my organization.
11. The problem now is that they are coming up too dismembered.
12. The problem was it was too late to change the design.
13. The other problem is that almost no group of people will agree on anything.
14. The problem is that not only devices given by ISPs to customers are affected.
15. That kind of attack has become a huge problem over the past few months.

[Antonyms]interpretation, version

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