[Definition]: private issues, state that free of public attention

[Example Sentences]:
1. The new privacy policy is scheduled to go into effect on July 15.
2. It seems like a smart thing and very much in keeping with privacy and security concerns in 2015.
3. The FCC will vote on the privacy proposal at its meeting on March 31.
4. The Google privacy policy changes went into effect March 1,2012.
5. That all changes in the privacy of your own home and at the office.
6. It is not surprising to see that privacy and security are our top concerns.
7. Twitter argues these people have as much of a right to privacy as anyone.
8. So now the drone issue will come up in the future also about privacy issues.
9. The researchers said they wanted to protect the privacy of everyone involved in the study.
10. Apple is only required to do what it says in its privacy policy.
11. He also has offered to pay for the cost of such privacy measures.
12. It was difficult to get any type of privacy on the phone and on the computers.
13. He says he was asked to leave for raising these privacy issues.
14. The app company says as much in its privacy policy.
15. Some of our key areas of focus are on privacy and security, education.


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