[Definition]: to keep from happening

[Example Sentences]:
1. We are working hard to prevent future attacks of this nature.
2. Microsoft said it had already taken steps to prevent similar problems in the future.
3. He also said that there are things a drone user can do to prevent this from happening.
4. This is to help prevent you from creating events for times that have already passed.
5. They will have to prevent them from creating new accounts and report them to authorities.
6. Her family went to court to prevent the hospital from taking her off a ventilator.
7. Those rules were put in place to prevent another crisis.
8. The focus is now likely to turn to whether anything could have been done to prevent the attack.
9. The school is trying really hard to prevent it, but it can be a really challenging factor.
10. President Obama has been looking for good ideas to prevent nuclear terrorism.
11. Use the screen lock on Glass to prevent others from using it without your permission.
12. He said the county and contractor are exploring how to prevent the problem from recurring.
13. It helps prevent people from learning what sites you visit or where you live.
14. The company also updated its security technology to automatically detect and prevent the ransomware.
15. Officials have also directly called on Israel to do more to prevent the casualties.

[Antonyms]compel, effectuate, entail, let, urge

[Synonyms]debar, deter, forefend © 2020  Terms of Use | Home