[Example Sentences]:
1. The man was seen leaving in a light gray car with no license plate, possibly a Chrysler 200.
2. In phase three, China will send another robotic probe to gather lunar samples, possibly by 2020.
3. They say on their Twitter account that several people are possibly injured.
4. Police say on their Twitter account there are possibly several injured.
5. There is no country that could possibly be closer than our countries.
6. Investigators have said that at least one and possibly two other attackers remain at large.
7. An alternative strategy would possibly have been to go out to the private sector.
8. It also reported the object had some writing on it and possibly some illustration.
9. What could possibly go wrong with an app that lets you review people?
10. The goal is to get as good as a computer model possibly can get, she said.
11. We want to launch this thing as soon as we possibly can, but with absolutely no compromises.
12. The object also had some writing on it and possibly an illustration.
13. There is great risk here, as well as possibly great rewards.
14. The new government in Ukraine said the action was confusing at best and possibly disingenuous.
15. Every year I put off dealing with my taxes as long as I possibly can.

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