[Definition]: have a chance to happen or exist

[Example Sentences]:
1. That will no longer be possible in 2017.
2. The production of paper will be possible in 2069.
3. Larger scores are better, and the top score possible is 555.
4. Rumors of a possible recall sent Tesla shares down 5 percent Tuesday to close at $137.80.
5. One proposal is to divide the costs 50-50 and cap possible monthly rent increases at $38.
6. PrivCo as a possible IPO candidate in 2015.
7. You need to change these as soon as possible during your set up process.
8. It is possible that it might be too little too late.
9. They just want you to spend as much time as possible with their products.
10. He also would not provide details on the person being questioned or any possible charges.
11. Technology should be designed for the best possible customer experience and service possible.
12. We are doing everything possible to ensure the release of the hostages.
13. It is possible to survive for several hours in water that cold.
14. It is possible to protect your data in the cloud.
15. He seems to believe this is both possible and desirable.


[Synonyms]credible, feasible, potential
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