[Definition]: a job opening; a location; situation

[Example Sentences]:
1. The company said its financial position remains strong going into the financial year ending 2015.
2. He has been in his current position there since 2008.
3. Sony would do well to maintain its position in the top 10.
4. Our Facebook position is long from $49.92.
5. The merger went through, and his position is up about 30%.
6. He became an assistant professor at Harvard that year and held that position until 1946.
7. According to Pao, she was dismissed from her position in October 2012.
8. That position is now up about 75%.
9. The position comes with a base salary of $183,300.
10. Your position has been eliminated 11.
11. It has climbed two places from its position at the end of last year, and is up from 16th in 2011.
12. She is no longer in the position after the change in administrations.
13. You have to be in a similar position every time for analysis.
14. That would put more people in a better position to buy.
15. It is time for the online world to embrace its similar position of responsibility.

[Synonyms]situation, station, assertion
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