[Example Sentences]:
1. At that point the price might have fallen to 10.
2. At one point in early trading the shares were up 7%.
3. The fall in applications came as mortgage rates rose the highest point since April 2012.
4. The price point might drop by 30%.
5. I thought I might pass out at one point, added White, 29.
6. Nasdaq support at its former breakout point of 4,082.
7. Election officials at one point claimed that turnout topped 80%.
8. Nasdaq resistance at its breakdown point of 4,485.
9. From current levels, notable resistance matches the breakdown point, technically 275.36.
10. At one point, we were 33rd.
11. Overall, small business indicators point toward a healthy market for 2016.
12. That helped push the unemployment rate down to 6.3 percent, its lowest point since 2008.
13. The fee rose to 0.7 point from 0.6.
14. On this wider view, the Nasdaq has reached an inflection point at the January peak of 4,246.
15. Its first significant support rests at its breakout point, the August peak of 3,694.

[Synonyms]allude, particular
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