[Definition]: a lot, abundant

[Example Sentences]:
1. You have plenty of other cool options, ranging in price from $50 all the way up to $1,200.
2. You can find 128GB cards, which should be plenty of room for even longer vacations, for around $80.
3. He said that there are still plenty of situations where they can be used effectively.
4. There are plenty of other small changes in the user interface as well.
5. Google now has plenty of competition as a major online media distributor.
6. There are plenty of options to help you navigate the process and they are growing.
7. There are many really good internet business opportunities and plenty of people have had success.
8. That should be plenty of time to evaluate whether the service will work well for you.
9. That means Oracle has plenty of time to make its case to existing customers.
10. There are plenty of people around who could start conflicts.
11. There are plenty of news apps that offer short video clips.
12. There are plenty of tools out there to solve these problems.
13. The platforms have plenty of details that need to be filled out endlessly.
14. There are also plenty of apps on Messenger meant to make people laugh.
15. Amazon has been putting plenty of effort into growing its fashion business.


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