[Example Sentences]:
1. Apple is also trying to make playback more convenient in iOS 8.4.
2. I ran with music streaming from the Apple Watch and playback was flawless.
3. Music playback works on several new Android Wear devices, but the process is pretty complicated.
4. The same goes for other devices, based on their playback restrictions.
5. It is intended only for playback of audio captured using the same field type on your iOS device.
6. I prefer that to being locked in a proprietary solution that limits playback in certain places.
7. This allows you to quickly swipe over for mouse controls, voice commands or playback buttons.
8. The code is secret to prevent users from trying to circumvent playback restrictions.
9. Android M now comes with separate volume control sliders for media playback and notifications.
10. It looks and sounds great, he says, on a high fidelity playback environment.
11. The battery offers 14 hours of playback time between charges.
12. Users can now enjoy uninterrupted playback of their playlists. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home