[Example Sentences]:
1. This probably explains why you can pick up a good AX GT for less than £1,000.
2. The last day to to pick up packages from BufferBox locations April 21.
3. Brady engineered a 58-yard drive that lasted 7:20 before throwing a pick from the 10 on third-and-6.
4. It is also expected to pick six test sites by the end of this year.
5. Google says the phone will pick the best network at the time for a given location.
6. They want to be able to pick who is on the ballot.
7. We need to pick the things we can do very well.
8. Now it is just time to help pick up the pieces.
9. You do have the ability to pick which updates you want and which you don’t.
10. What stood out most to me was how easy the game was to pick up.
11. Customers could design their own products on an iPad and pick them up the same day.
12. The job of the car is to pick up the customer and deliver them to the destination.
13. She asked each of us to pick one and describe why we thought it described us.
14. You also asked for a way to pick and choose how you message people.
15. All they had to do was pick up the phone.

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