[Example Sentences]:
1. Phoenix is a few inches lower than it was when this photo was taken in 2008.
2. The photo was included in a criminal complaint filed Friday, July 7.
3. This photo is from back in 2006.
4. An earlier version of the photo caption at the top of the article said the murder trial was in 2015.
5. The photo appeared on Street View in 2009.
6. Sending a photo is a piece of cake in iOS 8.
7. This undated photo shows Israeli Army 2nd.
8. You can name them whatever you want and even take a photo of the zone.
9. There are a number of free photo editing apps that can work their magic.
10. The company also said in a tweet that the photo was taken with a Samsung phone.
11. Prosecutors say he used his own photo and phone number on the account.
12. The companies say their photo sites remain shut down as a precaution.
13. I can find the right hotel and right photo order for you.
14. The reason is that a good photo needs to look appealing to the viewer.
15. The company also tweeted that the photo was taken with a Samsung phone. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home