[Definition]: the showed efficiency of a person who handled his job

[Example Sentences]:
1. That should mean overall better application performance for the Galaxy S 5.
2. Regardless, better performance is a necessity in Apple Watch Series 3.
3. The new processors offer up to 2.5 times the performance of those used in the Surface Pro 3.
4. The upgrade boosted its performance from 9.8 petaflops to 19.6.
5. Wave 2 will bring even greater speeds and wireless ranges, enabling better performance over Wave 1.
6. So you need tools that let you look at performance over groups of applications.
7. So it may or may not result in better performance for customers.
8. Over the last few years the performance for the price has far improved.
9. The move is being made to boost application performance and to power big data and analytics.
10. I think you will find that this year most of gone Intel for the performance boost.
11. We know how important mobile network performance and availability is to customers.
12. The best part is that this performance is consistent across the board.
13. These men often have a lot of performance anxiety with women in real life.
14. They know the business and know what good performance by a utility looks like.
15. The less expensive model has never left me wanting for more performance in the past month.

[Antonyms]failure, defeat, omission

[Synonyms]completion, consummation, execution © 2020  Terms of Use | Home