[Definition]: to act, carry out

[Example Sentences]:
1. RBC Capital maintained its sector perform rating, but lowered its price target to $12 from $18.
2. RBC rates Ross shares sector perform and raised their price target to $68 from $65.
3. What this means for you is that the device may not perform well.
4. The news came as its cloud businesses continue to perform well.
5. Social business is all about the people who use the tools and perform the work.
6. To come back from where he was to perform like that was absolutely brilliant.
7. A better choice might be to use cloud services to perform the work.
8. They are coming into play more and more on messaging services to perform simple tasks.
9. He said he wanted to eventually have drones perform in shows for guests.
10. The hybrid has the potential to allow users to bring one device to perform both kinds of tasks.
11. It can even perform an analysis to tell companies when there are too many or too few employees.
12. You might have to perform a soft or a hard reset on the watch.
13. He said his group was able to safely perform surgery.
14. We could perform exactly the same analysis if we had the same kind of data, he said.
15. I needed to perform a hard reset to get it to come to life, another user said.

[Antonyms]spoil, injure, harm

[Synonyms]complete, accomplish, execute © 2020  Terms of Use | Home