[Definition]: defaultless, without shortcoming; exact

[Example Sentences]:
1. Billy Mitchell is widely credited with actually playing the first perfect game, in 1999.
2. It was just a perfect time to be up in the sky.
3. It is right in the perfect time for her to head back.
4. These companies already know that working together with open source makes perfect business sense.
5. You might then say that this is a perfect example of online piracy.
6. I think this is the perfect application for this HTC camera technology.
7. We cannot offer clients the perfect experience without help from one of these technology companies.
8. In a perfect world, we schedule to make use of the best light through the day.
9. Apple Pay is a perfect example of Apple doing exactly what it does so well.
10. We will be working to make this situation perfect until the first rocket gets launched.
11. It is perfect for use playing back digital files and makes them sound nice and warm.
12. Using an iPad for work is not for everyone, but may be perfect for some.
13. No app is perfect, but you have to draw the line somewhere.
14. Virtual reality is the perfect platform to put people first because of presence.
15. This is clearly a long way from a perfect solution.

[Antonyms]imperfect, bad, deficient

[Synonyms]finished, complete, entire © 2020  Terms of Use | Home