[Example Sentences]:
1. A sustained breakout would signal a trend shift, opening the path to next resistance around 117.30.
2. This stock had a very rough path this year, as it traded in a range that began in late 2014.
3. Internal reflection is used to guide light along the path of the fiber.4.
4. We know that it has been an extremely difficult path to reach this point.
5. A little ways down the path I come to a small room where I find a key.
6. We will look for a path to take so that the peace we all want is possible.
7. I thought that was my path, and I wanted to get back on it.
8. The tech world has been down a similar path before.
9. Scott leaving the company was only the first step in our path forward.
10. Each and every one of you will play a vital role in our path forward.
11. We have a path to get there, and we are confident we will.
12. The goal is to lay a visible path for us to see us exceeding.
13. Unless we generate a change in the economic model, the path soon will be irreversible.
14. Nadella seems to be taking Windows along the right path, and Microsoft is promising a lot.
15. There are many factors that influence the path of an asteroid through space.

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