[Definition]: an Intellectual Property protected by government for a specified period

[Example Sentences]:
1. The University of Wisconsin sued Intel over the same patent in 2008.
2. Though recently approved, the patent was originally filed in 2012.
3. Apple filed for the patent in 2011.
4. The pair filed a British patent on June 15,1938.
5. In Colombia, the patent is due to expire in July 2018.
6. The lawsuit says that Apple applied for the patent in 2008 and had it issued in December 2014.
7. The patent number is US 20120121943 A1, and was published in May 2012.
8. The latest Apple Samsung patent fight has been going on for about four years.
9. This is the second patent infringement case between the two phone makers.
10. The patent does not give a time frame for any product release.
11. The case is a second lawsuit filed by Apple against Samsung over smartphone patent infringement.
12. The patent system is an important part of our innovation economy.
13. They accounted for nearly half of all patent lawsuits in recent years.
14. The lawsuit asks a judge to give patent officials three months to make a decision.
15. Reports this year suggested Microsoft makes plenty of money from Android just from patent licensing.

[Antonyms]ambiguous, questionable, dubious

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