[Example Sentences]:
1. Over the past five years, the number of exams has grown by 17.4%.
2. Microsoft has recognized its past problems and changed strategy with Windows 10.
3. In the past, Apple has dropped the price of the previous generation iPhone by $100.
4. Over the past five years that figure has been 14%.
5. She was not expected to live past 5.
6. Based on past patterns, expect this to be on or around September 14th.
7. Home sales growth over the past year has occurred primarily among homes worth more than $750,000.
8. The monthly expense will push expenses past his monthly income by about 11%.
9. Overall, though, sales for the past nine months were up by 6.3%.
10. In the past three months, Tesla stock has fallen 13 percent to $216.50.
11. With scant savings, Americans say their solution will be to work long past age 65.
12. It is down about 1.3% over the past three months, a period over which the S P surged 6.7%.
13. I see it sometimes in the back of my mind, and I know I need to get past it, said the 50-year-old.
14. Shares of Nvidia have declined by 13% in the past three months, while the index is up 4.5%.
15. Employee estimates of job cuts over the past two years range from 650 to well past 1,000.

[Antonyms]future, present

[Synonyms]elapsed, ended, spent © 2020  Terms of Use | Home