[Example Sentences]:
1. But they can also overwhelm you with stuff to read and look at.
2. The dial has enough cycles to cover every base, but not enough to overwhelm or confuse.
3. But he said some fires are strong enough, and move quickly enough, to overwhelm them.
4. HP executives believe the tsunami of data eventually will overwhelm current infrastructures and a new architecture is needed.
5. Fear can overwhelm companies and people, and cause them to stick their heads in the sand.
6. Those factors likely will overwhelm the predicted change in steering currents, he said.
7. It is particularly valuable in load testing and production monitoring, allowing us to catch performance problems before they overwhelm us.
8. Such attacks aim to overwhelm systems by sending an overload of requests to websites.
9. Users read stories here and there that overwhelm them.
10. The JavaScript made the hijacked browser make repeated requests to a target Web server in an effort to overwhelm it.

[Antonyms]raise, reinstate, reestablish

[Synonyms]submerge, engulf, immerse
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