[Example Sentences]:
1. These regulations make New York the first state to introduce oversight for digital currency.
2. We thought that was a pretty big oversight, and it seems Samsung did too.
3. Our oversight is not determined by the platform, the agency said in its recommendations.
4. The included review tool allows customers to add a degree of human oversight and curation.
5. It has prompted both the Secret Service and the House oversight committee to open investigations.
6. The civil case was settled in December under a plan that allowed for more oversight of the church.
7. We actually expanded some of the oversight, increased some of the safeguards.
8. Both sides say the program needs more oversight and transparency.
9. The changes include improved oversight of contractors involved in training.
10. ICE officials also announced added oversight and case reviews intended to improve family detention.
11. All boards have to be prepared to take accountability and oversight of information security.
12. We have an oversight model that could work.
13. That deliberate oversight left it unclear what the negotiations might accomplish.
14. Lawmakers have not forged an agreement on where federal oversight is needed.
15. Data should be openly shared and there should be oversight, it added.

[Antonyms]mismanagement, negligence, disregard

[Synonyms]charge, superintendence, management
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