[Example Sentences]:
1. When approached by the financial news outfit, SAP denied pursuing a bid and Oracle declined to comment.
2. You know that mirrorless camera outfit you are using, the one designed as a digital camera system from the start?
3. The application monitoring and analytics outfit also raised its outlook.
4. And even though there were four other men dressed in the exact same outfit, I knew exactly which one he was.
5. San Francisco flagship store could see digital images of themselves in different colors of the same outfit without taking their clothes off.
6. Hernandez runs the outfit from his kitchen table at home.
7. Starwood plans to outfit its fitness centers with VR headsets sometime in the near future.
8. You also outfit your toes with bend sensors, so squeezing them lets the robotic hands make fists.
9. These outfit changes are dazzling in their own right.
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