[Example Sentences]:
1. The outcome would have likely been different in an American court with an American jury.
2. At least one outside group with a big stake in the outcome is worried.
3. I asked her what would be the absolutely best outcome for her game?
4. That much was clear in the outcome of the first round of voting.
5. The outcome of the election will probably be a big surprise for many.
6. Analysts said it was too early to predict the outcome of the assessment.
7. We did a lot more field work and the outcome is the production of this big book.
8. The department says it has suspended five officers pending the outcome of the investigation.
9. Many see the final outcome in the case as having enormous implications for the industry as whole.
10. The leaders of the two allies did not seem to agree on the outcome of the conversation.
11. They are not challenging the law or the outcome, just the timing.
12. He has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation.
13. Nor would the court delay the trial until the outcome of the investigation.
14. In fact, the outcome is often better than getting an entirely new budget computer.
15. Business leaders have called for unity on Friday regardless of the outcome of the referendum.

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