[Example Sentences]:
1. In second place is Windows XP, which was originally released in 2001.
2. This story has been updated and was originally published in March 2016.
3. That line, as originally stated by the team was January 30.
4. It had originally sought as much as $862m.
5. This article was updated from an article originally published on November 9,2015.
6. Though recently approved, the patent was originally filed in 2012.
7. The technology behind Kinect was originally invented in 2005.
8. The article was originally published at 5:27.
9. This article was originally published on August 7,2015.
10. This article was originally published on August 2,2015.
11. Keystone XL was originally planned to enter service around 2012.
12. The first delivery had originally been planned for early 2014, but is now expected in late 2018.
13. The driver classification lawsuit was originally filed in 2013.
14. The prison houses more than 1,800 men and women in a compound originally built for 700.
15. This piece was originally posted on June 9,2015 and was updated on June 26.
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