[Definition]: a chance, a good time to act as for succeed

[Example Sentences]:
1. The next opportunity for studying 1950 DA via radar is in 2032.
2. This is as much of an opportunity as the Internet when it first started.
3. There is an opportunity now to step back and create a much better process.
4. You want people who have the opportunity to say no to the top.
5. The developers also took this opportunity to add in some new features.
6. There are a number of areas where there is a need and an opportunity for significant innovation.
7. We want to try a pilot to let women have the opportunity to do that.
8. We have seen a lot of these larger companies see opportunity in this market.
9. So the opportunity is around how to bring computer science in to schools.
10. We were trying to be patient and work with them and give them the opportunity to comply.
11. Twitter has given me an opportunity to sort of show that side.
12. This is an important opportunity, the ability to go to very local scales.
13. When I left Microsoft, it was a great opportunity to take some time to work on it.
14. He added the board did not provide an opportunity to present his side of the story.
15. They also have the opportunity to ask questions that put management on the spot.

[Antonyms]lapse, omission, inopportuneness

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