[Definition]: the act of operating; a surgery

[Example Sentences]:
1. The reactor is expected to go into operation no earlier than 2020.
2. Israel has launched previous campaigns, including a major ground operation early in 2009.
3. The brain tumor was removed in an operation in 2008.
4. The operation began in March 1999.
5. After 17 years in operation, the restaurant closed in 2014.
6. DOE says it expects commercial operation around 2025.
7. This is not an operation he would ever approve because there is no gain.
8. The idea of selling their operation came up over a few beers.
9. The operation is not yet complete but already the results are significant.
10. The situation after the IT attack on our ground operation system is already under control.
11. The new lock screen will help Glass users protect the operation of their device by others.
12. The official described it as a operation and said no shots had been fired.
13. The agreement for the operation of the aircraft will be for five years.
14. The result is that every operation must be supported by air attacks with a lot of causalities.
15. That is why the news of selling the operation makes some sense and why investors are responding.

[Antonyms]failure, uselessness, futility

[Synonyms]agency, action, exercise
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