[Example Sentences]:
1. The bank passed these observations and a test report onto the NBN Co team in October 2013.
2. The banks try to place shares with investors who plan to hold onto the stock.
3. I see a lot of developers that went into smartphones jumping onto that.
4. If you have a lot of apps, you can sort them onto different home screens.
5. Three billion people every day log onto the Internet around the world.
6. The last thing stakeholders are holding onto is what you use to change the channel.
7. Any company that picks up Twitter wants to hold onto many of those employees.
8. The team was able to download the records onto a USB device without detection.
9. You can then restore that backup onto your new phone during the setup process.
10. Thursday that the parents would be allowed onto the base in the coming hours.
11. The remaining $8 billion would drop onto the books in Year 2 and Year 3, or in 2017 and 2018.
12. Before it can work, you must download an app onto your iPhone or Android device.
13. How could it be that a fan would rush onto the court unimpeded?
14. Microsoft is looking to hold onto its strong position.
15. During that prototype, we let some people onto the site to test it out.
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